Welcome to the Systemic Autonomic Neuro Dynamics (SAND) Lab!

Coming Fall 2024!

About us

Our team provides a unique interdiciplinary environment bridging computation, engineering, and physiology to understand disease and build precision diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. To do this, we harness the most primitive connection between the brain and the body: the autonomic nervous system.

We are uniquely positioned as dual citizens of two world-class institutions, UC Berkeley and UCSF, as part of the Computational Precision Health division.

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Our values

We strongly believe that the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions are reached when people from diverse backgrounds and experiences work as a team, also reflected in our interdisciplinarity. We are committed to building a supportive and inclusive environment that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. It is important to us that all trainees receive high-quality mentorship and support and are empowered to define and reach their career goals.

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